Drinks for Ladies [Dr.Club Silk]

First you need to know that alcohol opens your appetite and makes your judgement cloudy so it's also within your discretion to limit your food in-take when you at club silk. Especially given we provide deliciously sourced meat from chilli hot wings to succulent ribs and our fried chips that can leave you wanting more.

The ideal drinks for people on a diet would be ones with less carbohydrates obviously meaning your typical larger beer is obviously the first to avoid or to drink in moderation. Whereas, red wine is ideal as it has protein to which won't add to your pot belly.

Club Silk is for the people and ensuring you have the best time and also looking after your health is also priority on our list. Below are some of the best alcoholic beverages to enjoy when you're trying to lose weight or want to maintain that awesome figure:

1. Red Wine

2. White Wine

3. Scotch

Those are the ideal drinks for people on diets and not forgetting Vodka which would come in fourth position. Club silks recommendation for drinks to have the least are below:

1. Ale Beer (Larger beer would also need to be monitored)

2. Tequila

3. Martini

4. Piña Colada

Club Silk with the wide variety of alcoholic beverages is always open for suggestions on what to stock as we believe in happy customers. We also try have an open survey so should you find your drink was not of the quality you expected you can easily talk to management & we will ensure you're sorted out ASAP.

Cheers to a great night at the most exclusive and premium club in Rustenburg. - Club Silk

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