Ladies Night @ Club Silk

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies you've been greatly frustrated by the boss at work and you can't wait to enjoy a couple of drinks alone or with your clique at Club Silk. Now what is it you didn't know about ladies night and what are the do's and don'ts. Let us try and demystify this for you.

The DOs
1. Leave your problems at home if you a full time house wife or at your desk in the office
2. Rock your best stilettos
3. Skinny jeans are permitted but skirts are the order of the day
4. Buy an energy drink with your alcohol beverages
5. Don't brush off the guys - interact or even approach one or twi guys yourself just to chat. You'll never know what good relationships you missing out on.

The DON'Ts
1. Baggy clothing (even in winter)
2. Overuse of makeup
3. Abuse alcohol
4. Approach a man that's marked (the last thing you need is a cat fight on the dance floor)
5. Kiss and tell - What happens at Club Silk stays at Club Silk

That's our list - feel free to add comments on your own experience so ladies nights at Club Silk are the most memorable with all the ladies in North West uniting!

Cheers to a great night at the most exclusive and premium club in Rustenburg. - Club Silk

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